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Welcome to Eco & the Princess, a hub for innovative weddings with a deep yes to love and a bright no to destroying what we love. After 9 years of producing amazing green and greenish weddings we feel that sustainable & organic need a little extra love again in 2015. Eco got style now and that's what we're here to show, tell and to do: amazing eco weddings in the coolest venues with creative vendors and innovative products. Let's have Cupid save the aching planet.
Have fun with the sweet, smart weddings of our past below and then check out the latest ideas in inspiration.
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8 reasons for after wedding shoots
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Europeans love their after wedding shoots. Why after? 1. it helps with the wedding withdrawal 2. cause you will most probably never wear that cool dress again 3. you... Read More

Sake-sharing wedding ceremony
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  San San Kudo Eri&Justin celebrated their wedding on April 10 at the Inn of the Seventh Ray in Topanga with hundreds of handmade Origami birds for their guests.... Read More

Effortless garden wedding
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For Julie and Alex, who's children’s TV show was picked up by Canadian television for it's second season, it was about celebrating their love and successful partnership in life and... Read More