Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Rebel Bride - and Groom

Your Wedding Style: The unconventional couple

The couple: The rebel couple might mix and match their wilder ways in wondrous ways - a digital save-the-date note with an elaborate medieval paper scroll invitation with seal and all, a designer dress worn barefoot in the woods and a silk suit worn with flip flops, a menu showing of the best of super healthy raw vegan cuisine with a selection of to-die-for booze, a gourmet dinner around a bonfire on the beach - but their freedom from rules won't jeopardize their impeccable sense of class. They might rather order food from their favorite restaurant instead of using a classic caterer and prefer to have their friends organize local bands rather than hiring the typical DJ. Their centerpieces might be art objects matching their theme or hundreds of candles, why cut flowers? The wild at heart couple will rock the first dance with a tango they trained many months for or perform a piece of theater, which they had written in 31 nights - whatever fits to the scene and is not boring to look at.

Rings: The engagement ring is the opening act for all to follow. A ruby, emerald or sapphire ring is a very personal mirror of your passion. Rare and unusual stones are andalusite, axinite, cassiterite, clinohumite and bixbite. I personally love a glowing red ruby engagement ring to express who I am. If it has to be a diamond, the smart groom would choose a certified ethically mined beauty for his savvy rebel bride. He might contact a free spirited jeweler who mines his own gold (!) The couple's weddings rings are made of recycled gold or from metals with less impact on the environment - designs go from zen-ish simplicity to amazing artful extravaganza. A few couples have even chosen polished bamboo or wood. Check for more info on the side bar.

Location : The location will be unique, a hotel wedding is out or it's something like the Figueroa Hotel in grungy Downtown LA. Nature Preserves, lakes, lofts, museums, vinyards, apple orchards, movie theaters - they choose a site which makes their hearts sing and for sure not a wedding factory, where four weddings are held at the same time.

Decor: From a couple who brought their animal taxidermy collection to fill the site with oh!? to ceilings filled with delicate and happy origami birds, we have seen originality up to and over the edge.

The "greener" couple checks the recycle bin for creative ideas and writes their seating list on a window, this one matching the feel of "The Ranch" in the Malibu Hills.

Decorative and useful favors are the way to go, no frou frou bells and whistles but hands on edibles and drinkables, or useful knickknack, which guests actually love to take home like pink pens for the girls and pocket knifes for the guys, rose and peppermint oils, candles and matches, flip flops and organic sunscreen... It's a joy to see your guests try to "please get just one more" rather than watching the event planner tossing tons of jolly plastics into the garbage bins.

Transport: These two individualists will arrive in style: in an English double decker, on a motor bike or on horses, a Hybrid sportscar or a 60ties Corvette (it's re-use after all) or singing pirate songs with sixty of their best friends in a school bus. Hummer Limos make them gag.

The Rebel Bride: The Rebel Bride is a smart girl with a mind and taste of her own. A creative, fun loving lady, she is often cutting edge: ball room ready rockn'roll, innovative bohemian, eccentric vintage or a princess in pink, her choices are slightly fierce but always right on tasteful. She won't wear a white traditional veil... Our weddings couples are glad to see our extensive vendor list packed with creative professionals.

Fashion: Not afraid of color her dress might be radiant red or awesome orange. Some even pull the Gothic Grunge up to new levels of tasteful. "The Rebel Bride can make an original statement at her reception without compromising class by choosing a dress that isn't traditional," says haute event planner Yifat Oren.

Vintage is en vogue and even if many of the dresses remind you of grandma's, which might really not be your style, the 30ties and 40ties offer some silk and satin dreams, the fifties are perfect for the rebel bride and the sixties have a few wild styles to entice you with. Check out Antique dress' wedding gallery and Posh Girl Vintage.

Renee Geneva does corset couture with eco materials, Lucid Dawn thrives in theatrical fashion and Christina Hurvis fights for green couture.

As rebel brides are self confident their brides maids shine in sassy outfits. Tattoos are often part of the design.

Beauty: The look is unusual, personal, dramatic and definitely memorable. It shows who you are rather than what you think you should be. Find out which makeup shades and techniques work best for a fearless face, including tips from mineral cosmetic expert Jennifer Charm at Carabella Salon or Aimee Valentine in San Francisco.

The groom: The rebel groom will choose the linen designer suit over the tuxedo, perhaps wears an Indian silk outfit, a prohibition look with scarf and sleek hair do or matches a formal jacket with jeans. He might meet the event planner waving a sustainable fish list into her face and order a beer from some faraway monks, who nobody has heard of. He might even brew his own beer. He is the new type of guy who actually enjoys planning his wedding because it doesn't force him to abide to rules far away from his character.

Cakes: A unique cake style that none of your guests will forget is a lot of creative fun. Rebel couples might not want to have hormones in their whipped cream or pesticides in their fruit and choose an organic cake - or no cake at all. Cup cakes are favorites since a couple of years, petits fours are becoming more and more hip and the confident culture couple offers what they really love - pies for example. Dan and Daniela (April 5, 2009) are exited about a pie baking party with their friends in lieu of bachelor and bachelorette outings.

Photography: I find wedding photos one of the really important parts as they will last a lifetime, so your images should express your life style. Journalistic photos are the rebel couples first choice. To capture those quirky scenes and unexpected happenings require a photographer who is sensitive, alert and intuitively at the right place at the right moment. Posed photos? Sure, with a quirk even those long hours can be fun.

Videography: The rebel couple might check on their favorite movies and find a style they love. From Super 8 film over black and white gangster movie style to "Ever after" cinematography or "pushing daisies" over the top colors - there are so many videography styles to choose from.

Honeymoon: The duos adventure travel, car-free island, sports challenge or eco-retreat will be paid for by their guests gift cards or online wish contributions - who wants big fat boxes with toasters and things? The always actively-engaged-into-something-couple will choose an Earthwatch expedition where they contribute to saving the earth, her animals or people...

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