Monday, September 27, 2010

Green Wedding Spirit & Rubber Duckies for Re-Use

Kim and Rob were married on Sunday, 9/26 at the Inn.  A trendy Soju cocktail party, with guests loving the hot pink "Femme Fatale" concoction and the fresh "Sojitos", set the mood for a classy reception with a few quirks and smirks...


... like the rubber duckies bobbing in the fountain and the Fresh Fries food truck, which was the hip farewell surprise. I handed out cute little tickets worth a bag of  creative fries from slightly frightening ones with peanut butter, sweet potato fries with three tomato based dipping sauces and of cause the curly spicy stuff, my favorites.
The party continued in the parking lot, right so, as we find food trucks on the road - to midnight happiness.

 One Vampire Repellent please....


At the end everybody was invited and "street folks", meaning valets, servers, dish washers got their share of the amazing potato heaven, even Ray from the book store couldn't help it. 
The fries weren't organic but definitely vegetarian and the spirit was surely green: sharing your happiness with your family and friends and your community - and of course the vivacious vibes spread into the whole world...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Handmade steampunk cake topper

Robot couple on cake? Not for the Sci Fi ethereal lovers but with a rustic steampunk feel; I like the quirky touch. Handmade by Builder's Studio.